Sous les étoiles d'Ibiza by Osense

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Incense Sticks

The Under the stars of Ibiza Osense sticks featuring Jasmin Sambac & Patchouli to enhance your mind into a tonic and joyful mood. Mood: Tonic & Joyful. Contains 24 aromachology fragrance baguettes with a mini stick holder.

These scented baguettes are more than incense: They are created by combining the old traditional savoir faire of incense making with master perfumers. These fragrances are inspired by the best places from around the world, and they featuring Aromachology properties. Osense perfumes open your sensorial receivers and act on your body and mind for stimulation or relaxation.

100% natural.

Made in France.

CARE INSTRUCTIONS: Fire the baguette for few seconds, then blow out the flame and let it consumes.